Perston Garvey

If you know Preston Garvey’s History and you understand the Minuteman you know everything! I’ll explain:



As a child he was fan of the minuteman, they where his hero’s the only one! When he became 18 he joined the minuteman! Full proud working on a better future for the Commonwealth! After a long time with the minuteman! He finally thought he got a job to be proud of, but it when backwards, the gunners attacked Quincy and the settlers asked the minuteman for help, a long time no one came, a couple days later Preston and General Becker’s group where the only one who came! He tried everything but then Clint, a ex member of the Minuteman came and demanded the settlers Quincy to leave Quincy! He joined the gunners! Preston felt betrayed! The only thing he could do, help the settlers leave Quincy and see the gunners take over Quincy and the weak settlers that can’t survive the travel were thrown and set on fire! Preston sees the world and says, Back in Concord, if you didn’t helped us, I don’t think I were standing here, I think I had myself death! Maybe not by killing my self, but not caring about the world!


Minuteman: story in Preston’s history

Helps every help needed settler, (only settlers and non violent people)



If you kill a person in the eyes of Preston that isn’t harming the good community or if you use violence when you can end peacefully! He hates that! Because it isn’t what the minuteman stand for he sees you as one of those gunners, just like stealing, pickpocket, unlocking red, sarcasm, and more! Even when you join the Raiders and become the overseer on nuka-world he feels betrayed again! And I give him right! He hates it so much, He refuses to travel romance is gone is talking angry, he only follows orders because your general not because your a friend and you never can build your relationship whit him up again! Even after wiping out every raider in nuka world and save the slaverys! Hope you now understand



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